April 7, 2020

Changes To My Bay Area Reporter Column

Readers of my Bay Area Reporter column, you will notice in future issues I will now be writing more broadly about LGBTQ sexuality and relationships.

I will still be covering the kink/leather scene often, but the entire range of kink is increasingly permeating so many people’s lives who don’t always identify as kink or leather specifically.

The range of sexualities, kinks, and the relationships in which they exist now have so much crossover, especially among younger LGBTQ people, that it seems wise to roll with the reality of the times rather than keep my focus narrow.

Should anyone wonder if I still consider myself a kinkster (and for me, a leatherman) and a member of that set of communities, absolutely. It’s still my sexual and relationship home base and the communities with which I most personally align. But lately it’s clear that my audience is not comprised of people for whom kink and leather is the entirety of their personal sexual landscape.

At the same time LGBTQ sexualities are expanding and blending, so are relationship options. Singlehood, coupled monogamy, open couples, closed polyamory, solo polyamory, open polyamory, and relationship anarchy are but some of the labels given to an ever-widening set of ways to love and be in relationships. These relationship styles apply across the entire range of sexual expressions and their growing popularity deserves publication space too.

Another aspect of LGBTQ culture I’ve been closely monitoring is the “queer” aspect. That catchall identifier is becoming increasingly common and I believe it encompasses a larger demographic than perhaps all of LGBT combined. People who might have at one time identified as heterosexual with an erotically or relationship open mind, or might not have felt any previous identifier fit them well, have embraced queer. I feel obligated to write for them too.

If there are specific topics, events, people to interview, or other aspects of LGBTQ sexuality or relationships you would love to see in my future writings, I’m always open to suggestions either through comments to posts such as this or through private messaging. And while I have your attention, and this is in no way related to my change of column focus, the Bay Area Reporter is struggling financially which should not be surprising amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have a few bucks to toss their way, the Bay Area Reporter team would appreciate you contributing to their fundraising campaign.

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