About This Site

I’ve spent many years trying to raise the level of discussion and discourse on the edgier sex and relationship topics and I plan to devote this site to that continuing purpose.

This site is founded on the premise that all sexualities and relationships between caring, consenting adults are good and valid as long as they add rather than detract from the joy, pleasure and personal growth in our lives. So if you’re an adult of legal age and you want to find out more about the world of sex and relationship options, this site is for you.

As of right now (May 29, 2009), the content on this site is minimal. Conventional wisdom suggests I should create a more complete site and then publish it all at once. But I’m famous for not following conventional wisdom. So along with my regular blog posts I plan to slowly build and maintain the rest of the site’s conent. I want this site to become a regular destination for anyone looking for solid information and intelligent commentary and discussion about various nontraditional sex and relationship topics.

I’m not entirely sure what this site will end up looking like, but I hope you come back regularly to find out.

I’d love hearing from you. If you’d like to communicate with me, click the Contact tab.

Be well, and have a great day!

Race Bannon