November 20, 2013

Handling Jealousy

This blog is dedicated in part to offering intelligent information, ideas and insights about the adventurous side of relationships. In order to explore that territory, the issue of jealousy is something that often needs to be acknowledged and confronted directly.

For many people a large part of exploring adventurous relationship territory assumes some form of open relationships or the embracing of polamory. And lurking within such arrangements lies in some form jealousy. Perhaps not for everyone. Especially among those highly experienced in these many variations of bonding erotically and emotionally with other people. But for others jealousy arises at least to some extent.

One of the other blogs I follow often is written by Leo Babauta and offers a steady stream of wisdom on a fairly regular basis. His latest post, Jealousy & Suffering, offers up what I consider some rather wonderful insight and advice regarding the fact that most of us deal with jealousy in some form now and then.

Check out his post. I think you’ll find what he’s written well worth your time.

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